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 Posted: Fri Jun 10th, 2016 12:31 pm
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I cannot imagine how devastated the US will become if Hilary got elected. People who would rather be on welfare will vote for her, and unfortunately today it seems the majority of people would rather collect a welfare check than a paycheck.

I am completely amazed it has got to this point. Basically, most people don't understand that the presidency is actually an appointed position by the electoral college. The popular vote is to make people think they have made a choice. It is very similar to corporate America and stock holders versus the board. The board appoints the CEO, not the shareholders. That is why so many companies fail. The buddy system is based on relationships over skills. Unfortunately, Trump has limited political relationships with the electoral college, and is not part of the buddy buddy system like Bill Clinton is, so the odds are Hillary will by buddy buddy default, be put into the position to impact the economy......a political economic WMD in my opinion.  I am amazed the masses have tolerated and embraced the Clinton's given Slick Billy's history, and her history as well.

It is time to cash out 401K, IRA's, and put the plain ol currency in a safe deposit box.  Soon the banks will charge fees to have savings accounts, checking will go the way of the pull tab on pop cans. I would hate to be in my 20's today.

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