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 Posted: Wed Jan 11th, 2017 02:16 pm
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well, the first brother I lost we had not spoken for three years a few years back. He had a heart attack, and that prompted me to call him. Then we spoke almost every day for a coupe years. At that point he got cancer, and he died. I am glad he and I resolved our differences.

Arguments and differences break families apart. We don't realize how unfortunate those situations are until we lose the person. I think for some reason it seems easier to get mad or angry with our family than express love and kindness. I see that in my two sisters.

There are many issues that plague humans and social groups. Empathy and compassion are two critical needs that need to be addressed in families and most cultures. It is sad to think people find it easier to express hate and anger than love and compassion. I tend to believe it is a human evolution deficit.

Anyway, take it from me, forget anger and issues at least with the family. Also, tell people that made a difference in your life how much you appreciate it. As for the countless jerks and assholes we encounter on a far to frequent basis, i try to forget about them. They will never change.

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